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Why Leah(RecklessBacon) rocks the party.

-She's in the Sexy Three, which means she's sexy and she's one of the nicest people around.

-She's awesome, funny and has an awesome handle.

-She a New Yorker, so she's rocks. Plus, she's Italian.

-She was one of my first friends on .tv.

-I love her!

Leah, I miss talking to you! I wish you still has MSN. :( I feel like a total bitchass for leaving you off of my thankful entry, because you should have been one of the top people on there.
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wanda maximoff, inkstainedlips, wandavision


I finally decided to use Livejournal. I'll keep my xanga, only because my RL friends read it, but for my .tv friends, this is for you! Aren't you special? :P

Anyway, my day has been pretty boring. I didn't have any practices today, which is good and bad. I mean, I don't necessarily like going to practice, but it's something to do, I suppose.

But yeah, I'll write again once there's something to write about. And when I figure out how to make this look cool without having to buy anything. :P

Anyway, bye everyone! Have a great day!