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22 May 2014 @ 11:31 am
SO it's been like two years since i've actually updated, but i figured since i'm friends with all of you on facebook i figured you're mostly caught up on everything! still, here's kind of a bullet-point version of the interesting stuff

-i graduated from LPN school! i kind of waffled back and forth between whether or not i wanted to actually get my LPN license and work while i was in RN school, because LPN jobs around here are SO scarce, and the ones that do exist are usually in home health, which is less a nursing job and more a housekeeper job. (there's nothing wrong with housekeeping, obviously, but it's not my bag) i've been working as a nanny for my old friend from high school matt and his partner heather, who have three children, one of whom is autistic, which has been giving me decent-ish money but it's not really a nursing job either, haha, so i decided to hell with it and i'm going to take my LPN test in july, if all goes well!

-once i finished my LPN at hocking, i transferred to central ohio technical college, which is about the same distance away from my town, just in the opposite direction. it's a really great school, and i like it there a lot--it's a sister school to the ohio state university, which is hands-down ohio's most popular and wealthy public university. so, the difference between COTC and hocking is astounding, just based on the difference in funding alone. i'm hoping i'll be back in clinicals in the winter, but with waitlists you really never know, ugh.

-i don't know if you guys remember lee, the guy in the air force that i was dating a while back. we broke up because the distance was killer (he's from ohio, originally stationed at dayton AFB before he got transferred to tinker AFB in oklahoma city, like 1,000 miles away) and we were both so busy with school and work and everything that we didn't have a whole lot of time to talk or see each other. we stayed friends for a while and then got back together almost a year ago? he came home for almost a month back in december and we had an amazing time hanging out, going to weddings and family events and generally just making up for lost time. he got put on deployment in the middle east in february, where he's going to be until july or august, BUT, he/we got the best news EVER this week! he got his voluntary separation package approved, so they're letting him out of his enlistment early! i was kind of nervous when we got back together, because he was one year into a four year re-enlistment, but due to all of my country's budgetary woes the last several years, they had to "lay off" like 25,000 airmen in the AF (and similar numbers of soldiers, marines, etc). they started by asking for those who wanted out early to sign up before they force anyone else out, so lee decided to go for it, since he's been in the military since he graduated high school. he's pretty nervous to be back in civilian life, but he's got a pretty good severance package, plus his deployment bonus and his GI bill to go back to school, so he won't have to be in a rush to figure out what he wants to do next. he's got a side-business going already where he's been making websites for his friends' businesses, too, so things should be set for him when he comes back to ohio. :) (which reminds me--if any of you guys need a website, he's your guy--his websites are SO sleek and professional looking, i was super impressed when i saw them)

-my sister is getting married! her boyfriend (or fiancé, i should say), rob, texted me back in february and told me that he had recently inherited his grandmother's engagement ring, and that he wanted to get it restored so he could propose to her, and he wanted my help in setting up a dinner with my parents, rob and i so he could ~get our permission~ before he asked her. of course, my mom is a hermit who hates going out, dug her heels about it so that dinner never ended up happening, but my parents and i are SO thrilled that they're going to get married, they're like perfect for each other. they've been together since high school when they met on their school's tennis team, and they're so cute together it makes me sick. she hasn't really planned anything yet, because she's just getting settled into her new big-girl job (working at a tax office), as is rob with his new job, and they're in the process of moving into a new apartment in a suburb of columbus. i'm super happy for them!

-my three year soberversary was back in march, so there's that? i still indulge in weed semi-frequently but otherwise, no alcohol or drugs. i'm pretty happy about it, because i did SO much of that shit from like, age 18 to 23 that i got sick of it and more or less got all of the partying out of my system. however, the majority of my friends are still really in the barhopping, regularly getting drunk stage and while i'm totally fine with them doing whatever they want to do, it's SO boring being the only sober person in a sea of drunk people. i guess that's a pretty typical problem for recovering addicts/alcoholics but it's definitely made hanging out challenging.

on a happier note, my therapist at the HPR center (where i have been doing my program) told me that he's trying to get funding together to start a "wellness center" next door to where the doctors and therapists offices are. his goal is to have group therapy, art therapy, yoga, raiki, and other kind of new-agey recovery-oriented classes for people who graduate the treatment program but still need an outlet in their recovery. he told me that i'm a "model of successful recover" (though i would NOT go that far, LOL, as nice as it is to hear) and he wants me to lead a group. i've honestly been seriously considering it, should this wellness center ever actually happen, because 1) if i can use my story and my experiences to help others get clean, i definitely want to, and it would be beneficial for others as well as being helpful and satisfying for me, and 2) it's a pretty great offshoot from my nursing goals, and i've always considered going into rehab nursing, so all in all it just seems like a great gig. we'll see what happens, i guess? my therapist is so fucking awesome though, i seriously wish that there were like, 100 of them so everyone i know could see him, too. i only started going because it was required by my insurance in order for them to cover my prozac but i am seriously so glad that i did.

-we finally sold my uncle dick's house! of course, there's still a shitload of uncle scott drama happening, but i might have to save that for another post because this one is already super long as it is.

-my dog lila and i have been taking "dog jogs" together around my neighborhood every day, and i am so shocked at how much better i feel, just from the small amount of mild cardio. we started off small, going in maybe a two block by three block radius, but now we've been going farther and father. yesterday, we went on my town's new-ish bike path, which goes through the woods on the east side of town, and lila LOVED it-- it was still a little damp from rain and she was super into wandering around in nature, smelling trees and grass and flowers and seeing all kinds of animals. there's a creek that runs along it and she was VERY pouty that i wouldn't let her jump in. all in all, it was totally worth having to check her for ticks afterward. lila needs the exercise to burn all the energy that gets built up in her tiny little body, and i need the exercise to help me sleep and keep me more or less peppy. win-win!

anyway, that's all i've got for now! as always, i've been keeping up with all of your journal entries, even though i rarely ever comment. (most of the time i'm reading them on the LJ app on my phone that is super shitty with comments, for whatever reason) have a lovely thursday/friday/weekend, you guys!
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28 November 2004 @ 01:09 pm
Why Leah(RecklessBacon) rocks the party.

-She's in the Sexy Three, which means she's sexy and she's one of the nicest people around.

-She's awesome, funny and has an awesome handle.

-She a New Yorker, so she's rocks. Plus, she's Italian.

-She was one of my first friends on .tv.

-I love her!

Leah, I miss talking to you! I wish you still has MSN. :( I feel like a total bitchass for leaving you off of my thankful entry, because you should have been one of the top people on there.
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13 August 2004 @ 01:27 pm
I finally decided to use Livejournal. I'll keep my xanga, only because my RL friends read it, but for my .tv friends, this is for you! Aren't you special? :P

Anyway, my day has been pretty boring. I didn't have any practices today, which is good and bad. I mean, I don't necessarily like going to practice, but it's something to do, I suppose.

But yeah, I'll write again once there's something to write about. And when I figure out how to make this look cool without having to buy anything. :P

Anyway, bye everyone! Have a great day!